Janelle Ito-Orille

Janelle Ito-Orille

Monday, May 4, 2020

11:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Title: DHCS Updates


Janelle has over 12 years of State of California experience, and is currently serving as the Division Chief of the Licensing and Certification Division for the Department of Health Care Services. In this capacity, she is responsible for engaging with various stakeholders on local issues brought forward by constituents; implementing licensing policy and clinical SUD changes; monitoring budgets and expenditures; and conducting on-site and virtual technical assistance. Prior to this, Janelle served as a Branch Chief for Licensing and Complaints in the Substance Use Disorder Compliance Division. Janelle has earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling, Community Specialization, and Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University, Sacramento. As the Division Chief, Janelle serves as the central point for planning, implementing, and evaluating program policy on all matters related to behavioral health licensing and certification.

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