Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Allen Berger

Monday, May 4, 2020
12:40 – 2:10 PM

Title: Emotional Sobriety: Clinical Consideration and Interventions


Emotional sobriety is the ultimate goal of sobriety. Bill Wilson clearly stated this when beginning his discussion of Step 12 in the 1952 publication Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. He stated that if we practice these principles (the one’s laid out in Alcoholics Anonymous) then we and those about us begin to achieve emotional sobriety. While this goal was clearly stated in this 1952 publication, it has unfortunately received little attention in both the professional recovery community and in the lay recovery community. This is unfortunate because establishing a solid foundation rooted in emotional sobriety is critical to sustain and amplify a person’s recovery. This presentation will build on Bill Wilson’s fourth legacy of emotional sobriety and relate it to the concepts discussed by several master psychotherapists. Dr. Berger will also outline and demonstrate several interventions that will help counselors integrate this critical component into their practice.

Dr. Berger is a talented psychotherapist, clinical director of The Institute of Optimal Recovery and Emotional Sobriety, and popular recovery author who has written extensively about the experience of recovery, the important topic of emotional sobriety, integrating modern psychotherapy and the 12 Steps, and the psychological forces operating in the Twelve Steps. His most recent book is a sequel to the popular 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery and is titled 12 More Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery. You can learn more about Dr. Berger and his work at www.abphd.com.

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